WU LYF-Cave Song  <—- obsheshed with WU LYF these days…

Robyn-Dancehall Queen (Diplo Remix)  <—– Can not and will not stop listening. 


Niki and the Dove-The Fox

Röyksopp-What else is there?

Bill Callahan-Baby’s Breath

M. Ward-To Go Home



welcome summer




Juliana Swancy


i’ve been a busy girl lately… applying to jobs, jet setting to miami, writing my last essay/studying for my last test of my college career (is it bad that i just misspelled career?), lounging in the sun.. life is really tough. so i’m feeling inspired by these impending summer months and will make a small mix accordingly. some old stuff. it’s just that kind of day. enjoi and i’ve missed you. 

berlin, you best be planning our move to nyc. 

Cults-Go Outside

Chad & Jeremy-A Summer Song

Brazilian Girls-Me Gustas Cuando Callas

Lou Reed-Walk on the Wild Side

Francis and the Lights-Striking