top 10 or 12 or whatever

since it is the 10th day of the month, i thought that today’s post should have something to do with the number 10 because i’m cool like that. so, i have decided to make a compilation of my top 10 go-to songs. not to say that these are my ten favorite songs of all time, i don’t think i could even go there given the chance. rather, the following are the songs that i find myself returning to playlist after playlist, month after month, year after year. many, if not all of these, have been featured on ilibib before but i figure they are worth a re-visit. everyone has their songs that they turn to in any situation that are relevant to any mood or climate. so here are mine (in no particular order) and any of you that know me can attest to this since i’m sure you’re all tired of hearing me play them on repeat.

(the whole 10th of the month thing was actually just a coincidence. and since i actually decided to put up 12 songs, the whole concept is irrelevant. i suck at small talk.)


Murder by Death-The Desert Is On Fire

Joni Mitchell-Carey

Golden Shoulders-I Will Light You On Fire

Joanna Newsom-Cosmia

The Cinematic Orchestra-To Build A Home

Florence and the Machine-Cosmic Love

Portishead-The Rip

Brian Eno-The Big Ship

The Mars Volta-Drunkship of Lanterns

Yonder Mountain String Band-Sidewalk Stars

Coco Rosie-Werewolf



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