I can’t even begin to pronounce it, but swedish band Detektivbyrån has been on my mind lately. although it took me a little while to track these boys down due to the language barrier and therefore my inability to spell the name of their band (translation: “the detective agancy”)… thanks to one mary h, i have been able to listen to their whimsical sound with ease… and get a little bit happier with each passing listen. 

begining with a relocation to Gothenburg in 2005, the band started out performing on the streets and learned to rely heavily on instruments that are portable and therefore easily transported (hence the prominent sound of the glockenspiel among others). the use of the accordion is an homage to the musical traditions of their small hometown in west Sweden. have a listen, it’s quite a pleasant experience. as cheesy as it sounds, you’ll see what i mean…



Detektivbyrån-Hem Ljuva Hem (Music Box)



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