this is a quadruple whammy cause i’m feelin rambunctious. 

someone recently told me that i mostly like music with a certain degree of ‘epicness’ (for lack of a better word i suppose) and i am not going to entirely disagree with such an observation. this ‘epicness’ can come in a variety of forms: loud, soft, layered, simple, pretty, or just plain weird. i like it when someone captures my attention enough to merit a second listen cause, let’s face it, there’s a lot of crap out there. i get a tiny pitter patter in my heart when i hear that special something that sends my neurons firing every which way and then i often can’t get enough. i listen to songs until i am completely and utterly unable to listen any more and am then forced to find new stuff to fill my i-pod until those get boring. but right now, i have a few noteworthy contributors. 

first thing’s first: Angus & Julia Stone. brother/sister duo from Aussie land. they have a nice diversity of sounds depending on which sibling is singing.

Angus & Julia Stone-Paper Aeroplane

second thing’s second: the antlers. just got into them but a glorious combination of all 6 criteria mentioned above. 

The Antlers-Sylvia

The Antlers-Bear


The Ark-This Piece of Poetry Is Meant to Do Harm

Lee & LeBlanc-Beautiful



One thought on “shiet

  1. diggin the antlers- definitely a certain level of epicness. i like the gargliness of the first song… it made me imagine if i had been on the titanic and trying to listen to my favorite song on my ipod before i drowned…. okay so maybe not the titanic but definitely epic!

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