this was how i got to my car this morning.

it’s effing freezing. i hate cold. burr burr burr. 

Sea Wolf-Wicked Blood

Oh No Ono-Helplessly Young (these folks are danish. the song sounds like an 80’s fem-rock band.  if you have ever seen the beach (the movie starring leo d., obvs) and can recall the scene where his life turns into a video game as he’s running through the forest… i imagine if my life were to ever turn into a videogame, this song would blare in the background as i ran through trees dodging obstacles.)

Handsome Furs-All We Want, Baby, Is Everything

Dirty Projectors-Cannibal Resource (even though it’s been a few months i am still loving the new album)

Toro y Moi-Blessa (i posted a remix of this guy a few posts back)

fondly and warmly,



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