new york, new york


not luke santy


i want to take the opportunity to introduce you guys to Luke Santy, a fellow Skidmore grad who is currently living and making music in NYC. He has a new album entitled Songs About Other Songs and since i am feeling nostalgic for both school and the 2nd best city in the world (copenhagen=#1, naturally), i thought i would kill two birds with one stone: give you a little ditty to listen to off of Luke’s new album in the spirit of supporting my peers/budding musicians and give a shout out to the big apple as i offer my condolences to anyone who is forced to endure these frigid winter days. 

As for Luke, the album manages to borrow techniques utilized by bands such as Animal Collective, often looping already existing songs and original melodies/found sounds to make somethin’ interesting while maintaining a sound personal enough to take a initial step away from the wake of his predecessors and into something entirely his own.

in “New York Song” (by far my favorite from the new album), his lyrics about this great city I speak of are oddly endearing, capturing an essence of new york that only a twenty-something living and observing the twenty-something lifestyle could accomplish (in my opinion, it really takes off around the 1:30 mark). 

so have a listen. let him know what you think.

Luke Santy-New York Song 

if you’re living in/around the NYC area, Luke will be performing songs off of his new album in a couple of weeks (Feb. 4th, 9:00. 70 N. 6th st.) Should be a good time.

 Belle & Sebastian- Piazza, New York Catcher 

Bob Dylan-Hard Times in New York Town 

Simon and Garfunkel-The Only Living Boy in New York 



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