twenty ten and twelve days


Sun Valley, ID from Baldy



i also must apologize for the negligent behavior since the end of december. the snow out here in idaho is just too beautiful, the hot tubs too warm, and the drinks too strong to pay adequate attention to many things in my life outside of vacationing. however, i’m liking this whole ‘mix’ thing we over here at ilibib have going on so i think i’ll keep that flowing to make sure that you are being provided with ample ear candy while berlin and i continue with our debauchery before school begins again. 

Friska Viljor-Wohlwill 

Beirut-My Night with the Prostitute from Marseille 

Best Coast-When I’m With You 
Pomegranates (aka Poms)-This Land Used to Be My Land 

Yawn-Kind of Guy

Cursive-From the Hips 

some vermont hippie shit courtesy of the granola goddess h.bock herself

Donna the Buffalo-There Must Be (Live from the American Ballroom) 

happy new year to all.



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