i told you i liked foreigners…

so i was recently shown this little diddy by french duo john & jehn and right away i was quite pleased with what i heard. actually, this song first came to my attention in the form of a music video (the link to which i will post… watch it, it’s quite nice). based in london, the attractive duo released their first cd sometime in 2008, a compilation that was split into 2 parts (a ‘john’ side and a ‘jehn’ side) but have not quite established a particularly large following to date. if a comparison has to be made, some might say their sound is similar to that of the kills (another boy/girl duo) but  i like john&jehn’s quintessentially ‘french’ sound in all of it’s melodic awkwardness in a different way than the kills’ grungy, bass-heavy garage sound. anywhoo, check them out and watch the vid. it’s a cool concept i think… they are cute beyond words. 

John&Jehn-20 L 07

The Kills-No Wow


*credit goes to hary murd on this one



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