vocal chords

she may have both a peenie and a vajayjay and she may be a crazy bitch but she’s a crazy bitch that can definitely belt out a line or two.

seriously, i had no idea her voice was actually legitimate, let alone f*cking phenomenal. her songs are irritatingly catchy and her outfits are just outright ridiculous but this live piano version of Lady Gaga‘s song Paparazzi is lovely and much easier on the ears than the original.

so all you hyper-critical dummies out there, don’t hate on the Gaga.. and watch an interview where she talks about how she is currently enjoying “having sex with really good looking people” all around the world. it’s hilarious. 


p.s. the new bad romance video is sick. i don’t care how annoying she is, bitch can dance and rock skimpier clothes better than many people with just one reproductive organ.



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