gike frown college mix round 4

ultimate fighting jorts

ultimate fighting jorts

so, the posts have been few and far between lately and i feel i must apologize but offer up my excuse regardless: squirrels are eating the internet cables at my house. i kid you not. unfortunately, this is not all that hard to believe considering the squirrels in upstate new york could rival large daschunds. so… sorry.

on a lighter note, it’s like christmas for me when gike delivers the newest installment of mix-mania to keep my watering mouth satiated for the next couple of months until we exchange again. so some new tunes were brought to my attention and i find it only fair to pass on the golden torch of knowledge to my other friends.

and since college has already completely drained my brain of all natural deposits of wit, sarcasm, intelligence, and all around cohesion, i won’t do the talking, just the listening. let’s say that this moment of silence is for us all to come together and remember the beauty that was Patrick Swayze and the gyration that his hips were able to achieve.

the first week back can suck it.

Micachu & the Shapes-Golden Phone

Soap & Skin-Spiracle

The Tallest Man on Earth-I Won’t Be Found

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone-White Corrola

Tapes n’ Tapes-Insistor

and just to stick with the theme of the evening and for good prosperity’s sake, here are the highlights from my favorite pass-time, the ‘rate these jorts’ section is truly phenomenal.

polar jorts

polar jorts

hip-hugger jorts

hip-hugger jorts

ddr jorts

DDR jorts

'stop before you make a terrible mistake' jorts

'stop before you make a terrible mistake' jorts

nicely formed jorts

nicely formed jorts


now get back to work!



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