we used to be cool


trashy fucks

trashy fucks

i would like to propose a toast.

to middle school and the glory dayz of punk (even though i know they are far from dead). i believe that everyone who grew up in sun valley has this same little soft spot solely based on the fact that these songs were the only things played at every canyon party we have ever attended. and that is an effing lot. ( they will forever live on in my heart, soul and many of my body parts).

it’s not for everyone, yes this i know, but here’s a little throwback for my fellow punk thespians. sigh. 

the following are 6 of my favorite songs, forever cemented in the consciousness of my lost memories from high school binge drinking and spending the night in the sagebrush out croy. 

Against Me-You Look Like I Need A Drink

Bear vs. Shark-Rich People Say Yeah Hey Hey

NOFX-Lori Meyers

Saves the Day-At Your Funeral

Misfits-Dig Up Her Bones

Tiger Army-Under Saturn’s Shadow


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