sista, sista




while at art school in her native south london, Florence Welch iced a sculptural cake for a project with a dismal premonition plastered across the top in frosting: “IT’S GOING TO GET WORSE“. 

she also made a six-foot-wide artificial flower arrangement that spelled out “YOU’RE A TWAT” (which, she says, “was directed entirely at myself”).

let’s just say, from what i can hear, it definitely didn’t get worse for the emo little flo. as she branched out of the realm of contemporary avant-garde installation art, discovering her musical side seems to be a sign that things are only getting better. this song proves that her calling may, in fact, be in making sweet, sweet music rather than quasi-provocative angsty art pieces.

Florence and the Machine-Cosmic Love

homegirl reminds me of a modernized Patti Smith circa 1978, i.e. “Because the Night” have a listen and connect the dots. .  . ..   ……. . . . .   . .  . .. …………

Patti Smith-Because the Night



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