my boys



Atlas Sound, solo project of bradford cox frontman for hypnotic alt rock band Deerhunter, has gone not-so-solo for his track ‘Walkabout’ by teaming up with Animal Collective‘s noah lennox (or more appropriately Panda Bear). Obviously this duo merits some attention, as both are key players in a number of projects on the map today.

i love most of what lennox does as opposed to loving some of what cox does. i have argued for hours with various people about this particular topic, but i still maintain that DH is one of those bands that i’ve tried to love and have yet to succeed. although i like the sound of AS much more than 4-part DH, my heart was sold on AC and PB a long time ago. lennox dominates this track, making it sound like an AC song rather than what is a usually lower-energy AS and i like the unintentional head bop that ensues when i listen. but…. in the spirit of democracy…. decide for yourselves….

Atlas Sound-Walkabout

Panda Bear-Comfy in Nautica


Animal Collective-Did You See the Words



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