Kaki King-Yellowcake




i was introduced to Kaki King through a friend this past summer. this friend insists that she has a huge crush on King and even insisted on wearing dr. martens to her  concert hoping that she would be noticed by the singer. i can’t say i blame her. she’s hot and she rocks out. needless to say, romance was not found that day in the park, but it was a damn good show and i may or may not have developed a crush on Kaki myself. its just the effect she has on people, i suppose. 

some criticize her newer tracks on which the focus is more on her voice than her stellar guitar skills, i happen to both like her voice and appreciate the inventiveness of her strumming simultaneously.  have a listen. 

Kaki King-Yellowcake

Kaki King-Ahuvati




while we’re on the subject of guitars… Rodrigo y Gabriela. 

the duo met while playing in a thrash metal band in mexico city. their influences include: metallica, slayer, megadeath, and overkill.

their music sounds nothing like any of this.

if you get the chance, watch a video of them performing live. gabriela’s hands move with the speed of light and it’s utterly surreal to observe. 

Rodrigo y Gabriela-Diablo Rojo

Rodrigo y Gabriela-Stairway to Heaven



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