what the french, toast?


contributor #2 here. 

live from new york. catching my bearings, more groovy tunez coming your way after i figure out how all this snazzy inter-web stuff flows.  

wanted to start with some monumental jump-off epic-ness. meh, not really, but you gotta start somewhere…. so i decided to start with what’s in my car. ’cause if i don’t wanna listen to it, i’m not telling you kids to listen to it. 

telepathe has been a recent obsesh… it’s just chill out with bean-bags, cushions, pillows, that sort of thing. trance away. 


Telepathe-Can’t Stand It

p.s. although i morally disagree with chairlift as a whole (solely based on a slightly sour interaction with the drummer after a concert in burlington, vt back in 2007 (before the i-pod commercial, thus before any bragging rights what-so-ever)), this remix is sick and deserves a little listen.

and yes. i still maintain that the drummer is overly pretentious and awkwardly short. take that. 

Telepathe-So Fine (Chairlift Remix)

and just for good prosperity and first-timers’ sake, here’s my #1 most played song on i-tunes. nice to meet you too.   Luv, GOLD

Golden Shoulders-I Will Light You On Fire


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