attack of the girl ballads


marina & the diamonds

marina & the diamonds

’cause who doesn’t like a little girl-on-girl…. er…. blog post….

ILIBIB can attest to to fact that i am utterly “obsessed” (heheh…eh…) with the second single (not a factual statement what-so-ever) from Marina and the Diamonds.

aside from the fact that the verse about the crackers epitomizes every trip to Atkinson’s i have ever taken…

Supermarket, what packet of crackers to pick?
They’re all the same, one brand, one name, but really they’re not
Look, look, just choose something quick
People are staring, time to come quick in (?)
Cheeks are on fire; just choose something, something, something
Pressure overwhelming
Next minute I am turning out of the door, facing one week without food

…her voice is pretty.

and regina and sia are go-to, always reliable, let-me-blow-your-mind-on-our-latest-albums kind of gals & i like that.

and joanna newsom… oh joanna…. 

have a listen and let’s all remember what it’s like to be a girl for a second. sigh.

Marina & the Diamonds-Obsessions

Regina Spektor-Blue Lips

Sia-Soon We’ll Be Found

Joanna Newsom-Cosmia

whoever says they don’t like girl singers can suck it. no pun intended.



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